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My blog was not the only thing that went through a make over. Stay tune to see what I did to my room after weeks of living in a manmade jungle


I need a date this weekend! Anyone wants to go for PC fair?

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A tribute to one of Malaysia's finest director. Famed for her unpretentious works that promotes harmony and racial unity. Her achievements includes the series of Petronas commercial which will be dearly remembered. RIP Yasmin.

Random Crappy Post

Posted by Ivan Lee On 12:18 PM 1 comments
Just read the writings of a distant friend. She has such great skill in making up sentences that just feels right. Best of all, she uses simple words. Words that stirs your emotion when put together in a correct situation. Words that made me envy her talent. Words that are probably the reason I blogged lesser and lesser because I just can't write. Sigh... I hardly have a post where I can look back and say, well written, I'm so proud of you while looking at the mirror.

Three more days! That's how long I need to wait before I'll be back to my beautiful little island where I call home. Days are longer, especially during work time because all I could think of is the good food and fabulous company that I'll get to enjoy soon. BONUS! another topic heatedly discussed amongst the colleagues. There's a possibility that I'll get just a fraction of what the seniors are getting because I've not been there for more than a year. Sigh... but a least there is something right? I should be grateful then. All I need now is a little more greens for my CNY clothes. Yup, that's right, I haven't been doing any shopping and I'm thinking of just skipping the idea of buying new clothes as I'll be doing lesser visits this year. Save me all the fuss in getting the right size and design urgghh... that's what you get for being a +size haha... oh well I'm just to lazy to continue on. Will blog again when inspiration taps on me shoulder. Till then, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! ROAR!!!
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Culinary Indulgence

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I figured might as well blog about something while I wait for the bleach to remove the curry stains off my white pants. Clumsy me dropped a nibble roti canai on to my pants. Has been ages, or so it seems, since I had my last roti canai. Cravings, urgh... why does it have to be the strongest during late nights. The thought of having freshly tossed dough lightly fried over a dollop of aromatic ghee then topped with piping hot curry made from freshly pounded chillies and grounded spices proved to be impossible to resist (I don't really fancy dhal). I guess that's the downside. I have way too high of an expectation that the real thing ended up tasting like a piece kitchen cloth. That was last night. Today, I succumb to yet another temptation... Bak Kut Teh. I had it for lunch and dinner. I know, the horror. I liked to treat myself to these sinful indulgence especially during my off days and guess what, I got three of them this week. I'll probably feel trice as guilty. I'm skipping supper today cause I've already planned out my menu for tomorrow's dinner. I kid you not...


Meatballs Cooked with Leffe Brune
Saute Mushrooms
Bacon Wrapped Cocktail Sausages
Bacon Strips
Belgium Sausage Platter

Main Courses

Moules Provencales
Brussels Style Pork Knuckle
Grilled Porkloin
Spaghetti Carbonara

*All items listed are subjected to changes without prior notification

I'll probably wolf down all of these with a pint of Hoegaarden. Perfect for a humid night. Of course I'm not having all of these by myself although I secretly wish to, only and if only I have super fast metabolism, sigh... Pictures will be up by tomorrow if I'm not feeling lazy caused by over digestion. Anyway, it's time for breakfast. As Julia Child would say, Bon Appetit!
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Car Beautification Project

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NOoooOOoooo... My budget for lunch today was RM5 which I didn't manage to keep in range because I overspent by RM1. I was actually quite proud not t0 spend over RM10 cause I've always indulge in junk food after eating er... proper food, but guess what? On the way to the bank, I spent RM80 on this...

TOTAL DAMAGE: RM86!!! WAY............... OVER BUDGET

I've been wanting to give my car an uplift in appearance lately but but... MONEY NO ENOUGH!!! So when this guy came to me to demo his product I wasn't too interested, but got a bit lah... Then he sprayed this substance on my window despite me telling him not to and that's how I got con. Haha... Well, to be fair the products were quite good (I witness him demo okay!) and mum has been bugging me to buy those spray that makes the windscreen water-repellent during heavy rains. So I bought that. Then he came up with another product that claims to wipe off scratch marks. Same thing... was bought over after demo sigh... then another one which makes rubber, leather and etc... looks perfectly new and function like it was new lol... and it worked cause after another demo my windscreen wiper did not give out that annoying screech, that makes me wanna smash ma windscreen, when I turn it on, even without water! The End! Ya right. After paying I thought to myself what a hassle free shopping until I realized that there's this small dent in front of my car that had been there for like FOREVER!!! What's the point of buying these products then. Haiz... now if I wanna beautify my car I have to spend another half thousand fixing that dent and maybe more to coat my car with a new paint job. Geezus... Should I just ignore that dent, live in denial and pretend it is brand new or should I face the devil straight on and offer him some cash to burn in return for beauty :) I'm still talking about my car lah..
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Posted by Ivan Lee On 10:46 AM 4 comments
Hi all. It's already halfway through the first month of 2010 and I still haven't make any customary post on the summary of the previous year and my new year resolutions so I'm going to do it now! I remember that I wanted to share with you guys some of my new year resolutions last year but I didn't get about to do it because I forgot to do so after postponing my plan haha... Last year, my 2 most important resolutions was somewhat fulfilled. First was to graduate with honors and the second one was, like more than half of the world's population, to lose weight. To be honest, losing weight has been my resolution for umpteen years, so I wasn't too hopeful for it to be achieved but thanks to internship, I lost more than what I'd bargained for. Sadly though, I'm slowly gaining back some pounds yikes. Discipline Ivan! Discipline! As a follow up to 2009, I shall present to you some of my 2010 resolutions.

1. Lose 10 kgs by July. (Approximately 1.5 kgs per month)
Meaning I'll have to slowly cut down on supper, carbonated drinks, carbohydrates and get involve in some physical activities.

2. Start cooking again at least 1 new dish a week. (Starting February)
I'm guilty of abandoning the kitchen for one whole year and I'm missing the pleasure of cooking a wholesome dish. After watching Julie & Julia, I'm inspired once again so here goes 48 weeks and 48 recipes, a guy and a moderate condo kitchen. How far will it go? We can only wait. And wait. And wait... The Ivan/Julia project. Coming soon to a computer terminal near you:) Okay I don't think I'll have enough money to buy Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" so I'll just grab any recipe which I'm interested in cooking aite?

3. Take more photos to capture precious moments of 2010.
Easy peasy. This means more camho session and of course I need to remember to bring along my camera everywhere I go if possible. I'm seriously in need of decent pictures of myself haha... and of course with my besties and family. Which brings me to my next resolution.

4. Strengthen bond with friends and family.
Different goals leads us to different places but I believe when it all comes crashing down on us we need something familiar to hold on to. I hope we all could be rocks to each other in the midst of a mighty river.

5. Settle on with a stable job.
Hopefully I'll be able to make up my mind by February. Get a good paying 5 days a week job with flexible hours and out of the world benefits. WAKE UP IVAN! WAKE UP! *snort back to reality* *falls back asleep*

6. Blog at least once a week.
To keep my dear readers (my friends la) happy and up to date on what's going on in my life and also as a diary for future nostalgic moments.

7. Continue with MBA (maybe)
If I have the $$$ and if by doing so will improve my opportunity to advance higher up in my career, then I'll most probably do it. Just maybe not this year.

I'll end this entry with a some cherished of moments in 2009;

The first half of the year was all about my life as a Hilton... I mean working in Hilton

Graduated in August. One of the proudest moment in my life so far I guess.

Finally a successful road trip. Destination, Malacca. The best part, conversation on our way back.

My 23rd Birthday :) Thank you all for making 2009 such a memorable year.
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It's been exactly a month since I posted my last entry. Frankly, I don't feel like posting up anything but I'm sensing a bit of guilt for abandoning this blog for far too long. Any longer I would have given up on blogging again hah... So a lot has happened during the last month. Celebrated my 23rd birthday, getting a confirmation on my job and earning myself a battle scar on my left hand haha... that's what one of the psycho chef in my working place calls it. I accidentally slit my hand if you're wondering and no it's not on the wrist. Christmas is on the way but sadly I'll not be home to celebrate. Work, work, work... I'm really getting tired of the idea on working while everyone's enjoying quality time with their friends and family. I guess it's expected of those working in the service industry. Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it. I miss my freedom and I also miss breakfast. Sigh... another year passing by so what have I accomplish? I'll leave that for my next post.

On another note, you know how some birds migrate to warmer places during winter.. well, in my case, December is like a migratory period for me. Unlike the birds which have a certain place to migrate to, I have to find a new one every year since the last 2 years. It's like a ritual and this ritual can be a stick in the ass. First, I need to find a way to move my ever expanding collection of junk and second I need to actually get a place so that I can move all those junk in, me included. Seems like a simple two step ritual right? Wrong! If you get this two steps screwed up you're heading straight to the bottomless fiery pit of hell... or the roadside. I'll leave you guys here while I continue to drown in my list of countless things to worry about before the year ends. TTYL.
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